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What is a gender API?

We get this question a lot. To be fair, this term and even the term "API" can be confusing to a non-programmer or non-technician. In this article I will explain them so that hopefully your questions will be answered.

So lets dive in, shall we?

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The problem

A programmer wants to access data that resides on a server and can only be accessed over the Internet. He wants to use a standardized method to fetch this data to use it within his web or mobile app.

The solution

The server runs a small application, also called a "service", in the background, which serves as an interface between the database and the software that the programmer programs.

Now the programmer asks or "requests" the service, for example, to provide the answer to the question ...

What is the username of the user with user ID 123?

..., whereupon the service queries the database, finds the corresponding one, for example, "peter" and serves it back to the programmer via the API. That is really all. There's no magic involved. Easy as pie.

So in the case of Gender AI, if someone wants to know the gender of the names in their dataset, the gender of the user who just registered, which of the names entered is the last name and more, they can query our API.

We are non-programmer friendly as well

Knowing that few people are programmers, we also offer a web tool called "genderAI classifier tool" that allows non-programmers to access our API through a graphical user interface.

You can try it here now, to determine 100 names for free. If your dataset is larger, consider buying requests for $1 per 200 names at

Some caveats

The gender data you'll receive is around 95% accurate, depending on the names. You are going to find a mistake or two, I am very sure.

Thank you for reading this post and for maybe using our service.
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