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How to determine the gender of the names in an Excel spreadsheet

Do you need to find out the gender of the names in the dataset you are currently dealing with? Ord do you have another task at hand which includes mapping genders to names? With our gender classification web tool you have the possibility to do exactly that.

Remark: Please make sure that if you have more than 1000 names in your dataset, you need to buy classifications requests at $1 per 200 names. But your first 1000 names are free of charge.

So lets dive in, shall we?

Illustration of gender

1. Prepare your data

First you need to open your dataset in Excel or another spreadsheet software of your chaice. Highlight the column which contains the names you would like to let us determine. Copy the highlighted names or the specific selection you want to process.

Make sure you copy the names new line separated.


2. Get the gender

Now head over to the genderAI classifier tool.

Here you now can paste the names inot the text field on the left hand side. In between the two input fields you can select the mode. The mode is gender by default, so for this use case you don't need to change it.

All set? Click that blue button in the between the two fields and wait while we are determining the gender for all of your names. Depending on your name count this can take a few seconds up to minutes. Don't close the classifier until all names are processed.

If you see "--> lastname" in your result it indicates, that the corresponding name is a last name, so no gender has been found.

3. Populate your dataset

Now select the gender data in the right text field and copy it. Don't worry, you cannot cange the values in this field.

Head back to Excel or your spreadsheet software and paste the gender data into an empty column in your spreadsheet. Your names and the corresponding gender should now match up.

4. Clean up

In case you have exceeded your requests during the gender determination, some of the rows have no values in them.
If you with to process more data, please consider buying requests.

Some caveats

The gender data you'll receive is around 95% accurate, depending on the names. You are going to find a mistake or two, I am very sure.

Thank you for reading this post and for maybe using our service.
Feedback is very much appreciated:



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