Assign gender to names with the help of AI

genderAI assigns gender and type to the names in your dataset through a web classifier and a RESTful API.

Classify your first 100 names for free.

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How it works

With our custom built neural networks we are able to accurately classify names into gender and name type. With built-in correction functionality we can offer our clients a classification engine that is constantly improving.

We use two methods to determine gender and name types.

  1. First we query the data in our database. Developed over time by clients that corrected incorrect results, this database contains names and their corresponding gender and type. We use advanced methods to serve the results blazingly fast.
  2. In cases where we don't find a name in the database, we resort to our advanced and custom-built machine learning algorithms to deliver accurate results. Our neural networks learn from our datasets and thus become better the more data is corrected by the crowd.

Buy requests

Each request genderizes one name into gender or type. Requests can be used via the web tools or via the API.

After completing the payment, you will get immediate access to your personal dashboard. There you will find your API key and you can configure your authentication settings.

With every purchase we gift you 100 free requests, so you can integrate free of charge.

$1 to genderize 100 names

Enter the amount of names you'd like to genderize and your email address. After that we will redirect you to our secure payment partner Stripe.

After your payment has processed successfully you'll receive an email with further instructions and the link to your dashboard.


We will redirect you to, which is secure.

$1.00 per 200 requests from 100 names
$0.90 per 200 requests from 10'000 names
$0.75 per 200 requests from 100'000 names
$0.50 per 200 requests from 1'000'000 names

About us

We are software engineers from Switzerland. The genderAI is a side project, so please allow a reply time of up to a day.

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